The dangers of plastic bags in oceans

Hello everyone, Today I am going to be doing a blog about Plastic bags in the ocean. I hope you find this Informational and I will write soon. Have a nice day.


Over 8 Million plastic bags were reported to be in the ocean in 2010. I’m going to badger my mom now  to buy reusable bags instead of plastic. In 2028, it is estimated that there will be more plastic bags in the ocean then plastic bags made in the 50’s. It is crazy to to think how many bags will be in the ocean. I bet you could float if you attached all those bags on your back and jumped of something.The bags would have to be weightless because they  weigh so much if you held them all in your arms. I bet it could also crush the floor if you put it in a ball and threw it at something like a rock or wood.

There is also another problem for the ocean and its wildlife. The problem is animals could choke on plastic bags or get tied in it. It must get heavier in the ocean and starve them. Animals who eat jellyfish have the problem. They could try and eat it and choke or get tangled while trying to bite a jellyfish. Of course, they aren’t jellyfish but they don’t know the difference. It the same when sharks attack because they think you are a seal when you go surfing because the bottom of a surfboard looks like a prey for sharks to eat

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