The Explorer Archetype


Today my blog will be about the Explorer Archetype. I hope you enjoy my blog and it makes sense. The explorer archetype is someone who wants to be somewhere else, almost constantly. They want to find Mysteries

They fear doing nothing with their lives and being stopped. They hate the idea of a boring life or a average one. They also hate people whining about there lives, they should do something with their lives.

They do not really have a bad side, they just become a bit rebellious and procrastinate work by doing something they want to do, because if you could go to a new. Or they can be the opposite,they can give up on what they want to do because everyone tells them they can not do it, they need positive feedback otherwise why would they do   Image of car on map from Pixabay                                                                                                                         it?

Also related to archetype (This part has nothing fact about it it’s just a option) in books there is a order to archetypes, as a person you go through all of them. The order (Still opinion) is Innocent, Lover, Everyperson, Explorer, Outlaw and I do not know the rest, I just know it ends as Sage.

I hope you enjoyed my blog, my next one will be about the Jester Archetype. After that Im finishing the Norse gods world.

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