The history of Eggnog.

Hello, today I am writing a blog about The history of Eggnog.

Most culinary historians believe that Eggnog started as a “posset” during England Early Medieval Years but there are many different opinions of the Merry Drink. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, posset was a drink made of “Hot Milk curdled with Ale, Wine or the like, often sweetened and spiced”. Down the line it had been monks who added the whipped eggs. They have also thrown figs in the mix.

What we do know is that posset was more popular in the more prestigious classes due to the expensive prices of Milk, Eggs and Sherry at the time. Because of its hefty price tag, posset what often used on toasts to good health and prosperity.

As Eggnog’s Popularity began to form overseas, it found a new following in American colonies. Many American families had their own farms to supply them with the Milk and Eggs need to whip up a nice batch of Eggnog. Sherry and Madeira were not easy to come by in these colonies, the liquors were replaced with less expensive and more widely available Whiskey and eventually Rum. According to kitchen records George Washington served an Eggnog-like drink to visitors at Mt. Vernon with sherry, rum, wine and whiskey. By the 19th    century Eggnog was associated with holidays, a tradition that still continues to this very day.

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