The Hobbit desolation of Smaug

Today I am writing bout the Hobbit but having the words in colors like gold and light blue and I was taught this by my mom Kathryn and she is the owner of this website. The hobbit is a cool story where a dragon named Smaug that stole gold and hid it as well as the Arkenstone but Smaug turned golden and that was awesome and in the story is really important and Smaug la_ca_1217_the_hobbitstole it but a group of dwarfs, one wizard,and a hobbit called Bilbo which is the main character went to get the gold back and the wizard’s name is Gandalf which got Bilbo to come but the two Unique things about Bilbo is he holds a secret ring which only four people or more have held it but these people are in the story and the first go his finger chopped of and fell in a river and one day that river got fished in by  Mr. Sméagol friend  Mr. Sméagol took it he was but later named Gollum-fadeGollum because he got corrupted by the ring and he held the ring for some time and he called it Precious but he dropped it and then Bilbo found it.

the other thing that makes Bilbo Unique but this part is kinda a Spoiler Alert  is he is the only hobbit that is fighting in a soon battle in the next movie that hasn’t come out yet but his coming soon.

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