The Hospital.

Hello, today I am writing a blog about my sister Rachel’s Surgery because she is in the Hospital right now and I visited her Yesterday (When I was writing a blog) and we talked for an hour which was nice (Ok to the surgery part of ze blog). So basically My sister Rachel got a surgery so basically her pee goes into a tube and Mom can easily drain it so basically we will be able to travel more which is really good because we don’t travel enough and I want to go to Disneyland this Summer and that’s like a 15 hour drive (according to travelmath) so yeah. Basically the surgery happened on the 2nd floor but then they brought her too the sixth floor because the Sixth floor has rooms to stay (not hotel rooms just hospital rooms) so basically when we were there Yesterday Rachel had a giant scar (from Surgery) and there were so many tubes which was so weird but it was cool and made her look super tough. (This next part isn’t related to the Surgery I mean it is?) So while my Mother and I were going to this cool little area in the Hospital where you can get food like pretzels, Hummus, Cake slices, drinks, and more. Anyway this is the end of my blog I hope you like it because I do like it, but if you dont like it give me feedback because feedback makes me better. BYE READERS (p.s. Rachel is fine)

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