The Hunger Games Catching Fire

Catching fire Is about when Katniss returns to district 12 after the hunger games and she has a large home and her life is tied up in a bow until president snow threatens her because she has given the districts hope and which may start an uprising. When she goes to district 11 Peeta gives Rues and Thresh’s family food to help them and which helped the uprising. When the quarter quell happens it is the victors became reaped again. Peeta tell the audience that him and Katniss got married and she is pregnant. It was a lie but it helped them survive and help make the capitol hate President snow.  When Katniss went into the arena she was given allies who were Finnick and Mags.Mags died soon after she the games due to a poison fog. After that they found Beetee Wiress and Joanna .Wirus kept saying tick tock and Katniss realized the arena was a clock who was killed after that by the other tributes. They decided to stay at a beach until Wirus made a plan to kill the other tributes which worked until the plan was changed by Joanna who cut into Katniss’s arm and the other tributes showed up. The plan was to to put a wire onto a tree that was stuck at every hour and bring it to the beach which the other tributes there because it was an ideal place to stay, the wire would kill anything in the water or on the beach.Katniss went to look for peeta and ended up shooting an arrow up into the sky as soon as the tree was struck by lightning which had the wire .

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