The mythology of Father Christmas.

This blog is about Father Christmas (Word count needs to be 200

Father Christmas or now also called Santa was a real person! He was alive in the fourth century. The way he got all of the money for the gifts was because his parent were verry rich and they died when he was young, which gave him there money. He was a saint too, his name was Saint Nicolas.

The way stockings became a part of Christmas was because there was a poor man who had three daughter, none of whom could get married because there was not enough money for a  Dowry (A sum of money that then was essential for marriage to give to the grooms parents) so Father Christmas dropped gold into the fireplace and landed into a stocking that was drying, the first daughter got married with that money, then more money through the chimney. The second daughter got married, but the next time the father looked up into the chimney to see who it was. Father Christmas tried to convince him not to tell the town it was him but the guy still did.

There is some mythology about it too, there is a story that sailors were at sea and were trying to get back to land. But there was a storm that was making it difficult, so the sailors prayed to Saint Nicolas to calm the sea. Then they ‘saw him on the ship, told the sea to calm so it died away.

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