The New Overwatch Event and Yesterday

Yesterday, I was reading to rachel about Flat Stanley and his original adventures. It is a great book. I think Rachel liked it. After school, I am going to read to chapter 6 for her. But then, Boston wanted to show me something but mom stopped him and I was about to get some water so I checked it out. It turned out that the event had started. I only saw a few skins. I thought the Mei’s is the best but I also like Bastion’s and Roadhog’s skin. They also added a new gamemode ,CTF or Capture the flag. I like it a little but it is very defensive and no capturing. I am hope today I will get a new skin for the event. I really want Mei’s or Roadhog’s skin. I hope any of you reading this who have the game go and try it. It is expensive though. Boston likes it though he doesn’t have a account. I am a good player usually but not all the time. It is a easy game to understand but not to play.

Yesterday we went to Options, It is a homeschooling school which is once a week. I have five classes which are one hour long. My first is  P.E. which I like. We just finished basketball and we play Zone ball to practice. I am good at it. I got 2 goals last time. Next is Forensic. We played clue because we are doing crime scene thing were we identify who did it. I was always wrong but so close. Next is a class where I am making a card game called, Hunger games. It is hard to explain but I like it a war type game. My next class is lego story writing. I wrote a news article about me going into space  while others made a lego build about it. The last is Kinetics, We read about the jungle because we are making a mini float while using rubber bands as the power for it. That is pretty much all of Options for me. We trade pokemon at recess and  lunch.

I hope you guys and girls enjoy this blog and I will write one soon

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  1. Is clue a board game? Would it be something that we could play at home? Anything to keep the mind moving, right?

    So happy you’re still enjoying gym. I asked the teacher if I could come in on valentines day and do jump rope for heart with your class. <3 <3

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