The new Overwatch Event.

Hello, today I am writing about the New Overwatch Event (Winter Wonderland 2017 which technically is a revamp of Winter Wonderland 2016 but whatever).

In the new event (which comes out at 12am-ish) there is going to be 6 new skins for the Overwatch heroes, 3 of which are known (Hanzo, Roadhog, and Junkrat).

The event is going to bring the Skins, Victory Poses, etc back to the Games for a 3rd of the price so I am going to get a few old items and a few new ones.

Last Years Event game was Mei’s Snowball fight where instead of her normal abilities she shoots snowballs, this years event game’s name is unknown but what we do know is Mei is going to go up against yeti’s (That are re skinned Winston’s (Winston is a Gorilla)).

I can’t wait for all the new items and Game modes because they are going to be SO AWESOME.

My favorite thing they are adding is going to be the Items (Mainly the skins) because they get better and better each event (+ Junkrat is like the most fun character to play (Roadhog and Hanzo are also REALLY fun) and he hasn’t gotten a bad skin yet).

After I am done writing this blog chances are I am going to do the rest of my work and play the event.

This is the end of my blog hope you enjoyed it because I sure enjoyed writing it because every word I wrote made me more and more excited!




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