The original Angry birds

redbirdMy favorite angry birds game is the first because the golden egg levels.they also created all the birds and pigs in that game. The birds names are Hal, Chuck, Red, Terence, Bubbles, Stella, The blues, Bomb, Matilda and The Mighty Eagle  and the Pigs names are, Minion pig, King pig, Foreman pig and The helmet pig. The story is the pigs took the eggs and the birds are angry because the pigs took the egg and the birds try to take the eggs back and the have to kill all the Minion pigs,Foreman pigs and the helmet pigs to get to king pig and get the eggs.

But at one level the birds get trapped but saved by Terence and Terence is a bigger size then the other birds. you meet Hal at the balloons and he is the bird who acts like a boomerang. That is all the all I Know about the first angry birds and I hope you all enjoy

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