The Overwatch developer’s great present

A few days ago, a person complained about Mei’s Christmas skin. They said the only thing that was special was the Cryo-Freeze was the only good thing which was a snowman. I thought the skin was special and the 3000 coins was a good price. Then Jeff Kaplan answered that person. He is the game director of the game. He said that he was sorry and everyone there made it a legendary skin on the coolness of a skin.

One guy wrote maybe we should give them cookies to thank them for putting up with a lot from us gamers who play this game. Another guy saw it and he made a fundraiser for them to get enough cookies for them. He talked with Jeff Kaplan and arranged for the guy to Bring in cookies for all 100 developers. He has already bought the cookies with the money he got from it but it is still going on so it will give the rest to charity I am very excited because It will donate to a great group of people and and Child in need. so when my mom wakes up I will donate a dollar for it. If you guys and girls want to donate the Link will be Under the Outro.

I hope you guys and girls enjoy this blog and I will write one tomorrow.


Here is the link.


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