The Restaurant we went to today.

Hello, today i’m am talking about what happened today also I recommend you go to the Yard House, Today was fun because we went to a fancy Restaurant called The Yard House which is an awesome (Expensive) Restaurant which I really like because they have nice Vegan choices and the Cherry Coke HAS CHERRIES IN IT!!! (The kind on sundaes!) The meal I got was good and it is the best Vegan Chicken Strips (Take into consideration they weren’t exactly the same as normal Chicken Strips) I have ever had because it tastes exactly like Normal Chicken Strips would and it came with fries and dipping sauces, the dipping sauces were Ranch and Maple(I gave the dipping sauces to Todd because I didn’t like them very much) The food Julie and Mom had were Veggie Burgers which Looked good but I wouldn’t order it very likely. London order Buffalo wing which came with Ranch dipping sauce (now that I think about it London could have had Fire Cracker wings) I would order wings because I HATE spicy because I cant handle it. I dont know what Todd ate but it looked very tasty and good. This is the end of My Blog but I will have another Wednesday.

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