The Retropie.

Hello, today I am going to write about the “Retropie” (mainly because it is awesome and we have one with the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and the Nintendo 64).

The Retropie is a piece of technology that allows you too get emulators and other stuff very easy on it. We are going to our dads place later today, and he is going to help us emulate another console like Gamecube, Game and Watch, or Gameboy (alot starting with game), or DS. The next console we will emulate probably will be Gamecube and Game and Watch, but their are a few arcade games I want to download.

If I were to buy another Retropie, I would get the newest model, and delete the extra versions of games (for example on the NES emulator there are about 5 different Super Marios and about 2 of Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr), I would also take away games I never would play, after that I would (when adding a new console) only get the games I like for that console.

The coolest things are probably Fix It Felix Jr. on it and the rare games like, Sega Sonic Popcorn Shop (a game only released in Japan, that made you popcorn while you played). I have seen some videos about custom Retropies like there was one called the PiStation which was a mini PlayStation emulator in a special case. There was another one called a MintyPi, which was a Retropie inside a custom Altoids tin, making a cool handheld.


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