The shard

The shard is an observation tower in England. It is the tallest building in England also. The cost to build the Shard was £435 million. The shard was completed July of 2012. There is 95 floors. The architect of the shard was Renzo Piano. The shard stands at 1016 ft in the air.

The shard is the tallest building in the uk and 4th in Europe. The style of the building is Neo-futurism. The coordinates of the building is 51.5045N 0.0865W. The building is shaped in a like a stretched out pyramid. the shard was opened to the public February 1st 2013. The building before the shard was the Southwark Towers.

There is a company and a state the owns the building. The state of Qatar own %95 of the building and the Sellar Property Group owns the last 5 percent. There is a restaurant located inside the building on the 32 floor. It is free to go there but the meals cost money. The shard can be seen from far away because of its height.

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  1. This is the place that Todd wants to visit. Will wait until he gets to England and we will go together. I am afraid of heights but I will put those fears aside for you guys. Looking forward to see how big this bad ass building really is.

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