The strange case of Origami Yoda

This book is about a origami yoda giving help to kids who need it Like the Cheeto hog. He always help kids or teaches them a lesson. It was a very good book and it was alot of fun about it is a book you will never forget it. You should listen to the book series and it will blow you away.  it has audio books and normal books. I has 2 disc for this one.  It has 39 tracks in total . I wish I had more of the books series so I can listen to them all. There is pig latin in the book in the second disc on the first track. Then Dwight ripped up Origami yoda and harvey made one. Then, Dwight made another one of yoda and they had a bet to see which yoda was better then each other. I hope you guys love the blog and love the book and there will be another blog soon about something else and it will be very good and I hope the next one will be a blog about Video games.

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