The trip back from Salida, CO (part 3

We are having snow so I thought it would be good Idea to finish our trip to Salida, CO. On Monday, I will be writing about Moab, UT because we will be going there in March or April. I can’t wait.

So when I woke up I went to breakfast by myself. I had pancakes and apple juice for 1st and apple and orange juice for the rest. It was nice to have for breakfast. Then I went back and Boston was awake. Eventually, everyone was awake and feed so we watched more TV. We went swimming and alot of chlorine in our eyes and mouth. It hurt our eyes and Todd agreed with us. We packed all our stuff and went into the car. We drove to a town 9000 feet in the air and got drinks and other stuff. So I got dill pickle chips and drinks. It was so good. After a few hours of staying awake the entire our we split up.

Todd and I went to 7-Eleven to get another drink but I still had my drink So I didn’t get one. We also had to go to King Soopers which is where I finished my drink. We got the Malt Vinegar and left. We got home a little after Mom, Boston, Julie, and Rachel. It was so glad to get home and have some fun.

I hope you guys and girls enjoy this blog and I will write on Monday.

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