The Walking Dead

In season four there’s a sickness that make many people die and my mom wanted to know what is was. This is the list of sickness that could be it.

  1. Ebola could be it because it has these symptoms, fever,unexplained hemorrhage,weakness,fatigue,sweating ,and coughing
  2.  Tuberculosis has these symptoms weakness, coughing blood fatigue and starts because of a bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis  which affects the lungs
  3.  Pneumonia also could be it because of these symptoms ,shortness of breath, fluid in lungs, coughing up blood,sweating, fatigue ,and dehydration
  4. Mononucleosis is the last one because of these symptoms, coughing up blood, fever ,fatigue and weakness.

The symptoms to The Walking Dead sickness is,  Fever, Fatigue, Unexplained hemorrhage ,sweating , fluids in the lungs, shortness of breath ,dehydration and weakness.

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