The who Question for writing fiction (Yeah the names dumb but you can understand it)

Hi today my blog will be about what I know about starting a book. I hope you enjoy and it makes sense, if it does not make sense please let me know which parts so I can rewrite them. If you don’t enjoy the blog just go away (: . Actually it’s basically the Who question in who what where when why and how. Maybe the blogs about this will all be like this, I do not know what Im doing for the record. I have never published a book but I would like to. Im trying to get stared

How to write a story. What is a beginning of a story meant to do? It is meant to answer who what where when why how and bring the people

Who, who is it about? Who is in it? Who are main characters?  

Who has a pet? Aka find a character sheet and answer some questions   Also i need to edit it to the more  appropriate to my age, it is a bit inappropriate. Also find one for pets or robots, they are whos also. This is obsessive to the norm but whatever works. Who cooks the most? Go on as much as you need to, you will probably cut most of it off anyways. Maybe make a playlists of songs that remind you of the character, maybe even put this in the book so the readers can understand the character on a different level

I hope you enjoyed my blog about the Who Question. Bye

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