The winter weather


For four days we had winter weather in Colorado and will come back. The first day that it started was November 10th and we saw a 50 degree drop in temperature in about 2 hours.

The second day was really cold so we were inside most of the time. The third day was difficult because we had to clear the path for Rachel to go to school.  The snow made it foggy and hard to drive but that was the day that Granny came in to Denver International Airport but she landed safely.

Today, the fourth day, was difficult because we went to many places.  It is very hard to go out in the cold weather with lots of ice and bringing Rachel in her wheelchair.

It was so cold that Julie’s chicken died and that was sad when she died 🙁

The other sad part was that they closed Saver’s closed because of “certain business conditions.”  I think the place closed because of the snow and that we had a couple of the snow days (it will always be updated)

It was cool to hear about Savers closing because they are 50% off and we bought lots of great stuff, like a VHS player and some VHS tapes.


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