This week so far. (Part 1)

Hello today I am going to make a blog about this week so far.(Ps this is my first blog that I wrote on iPad) So on Sunday I enter with my dad his girlfriend his girlfriends son and his girlfriends dog to Goodwill and we got stuff their like a M&M dispenser a Sully paintable statue and Skittles and Sour Patch Kids then we drove for a long time talking about Pop Culture and stuff then after a while we went to Red Rocks (not for a concert though just to look around and stuff) after that we went to Dads home and watched Monsters Inc. Then we went to sleep and the next day we woke up at 5:30ish AM and went home (My home) and we watched videos for a while and then we did blogs, Math,  and we did Grade spelling. After that we played Minecraft Bedwars with one of my classmates Lucas. We did that for a while then we watched Sing (by Dreamworks?) and then after that I rated it on paper and my rating was 7/10 and then after that we went to goodwill after that nothing eventful happened so that’s the end of Monday 2 down 2.5 to go. If you didn’t know Tuesday is the only day I don’t homeschool so on that day we were supposed to stay home (London, Julie, and Rachel did stay home that day but I got that choice to stay home or go to school which was nice but I went to school that day because I wanted to see my friends because I only see them once a week which sucks because they are all awesome) because my Mom didn’t want to wake up at all but Todd was nice enough to drive me to Options so that was good when we got their I was late for First period ( I only take it because Thatcher takes it) we were checking something ( Can’t remember what we were checking) After that we went to PE which was so much fun because we played dodgeball a lot that day which I love and it was very enjoyable. For third period we were writing the “About the Author” page and after that we were gluing in photos of  things about the book we were writing which was fun. After that we ha do lunch and I learned that Chex Mix is vegan which is cool and then at Recess we were playing Zombie which is basically where someone is the Zombie at the start (The person chosen to be the Zombie) and they have to tag everybody and everyone they tag can Help infect people (Like zombies would) and the last person standing is Zombie next round. For 4th period we were doing a perplexor that I was the only one to figure out in the Class period which felt good. After that we had Robotics and we were making Tow Trucks with Lego Mindstorms which was so much fun to do. I’m going to have to leave this blog here I hope you enjoyed it BYE.

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