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Today my blog will be about Thor in Norse mythology. I hope you like my blog.

First of all his dad is Odin and his mom is Jord or Fjörgyn. His brothers are Baldur, Hodr and Tyr. His kids are Trud and Modi (The ones he has with his wife, Sif and also live with him) and his adopted son and biologically his stepson Ullr (also lives with him). Thor’s son Mani, son of Jarnsaxa doesn’t live with Thor.

Thor is the God of Thunder but is also associated with Thursdays (actually named after him as Thorsday), oak trees, storms,  strength, and also is the protector of mankind in Midgard. Thor also has red eyes, red hair and a red beard. Thor is the strongest God but he is not the smartest. He is often laughed at by the giants as much as they can until he gets angry (he was ill tempered). Giants are scared of him because of the Mjölnir (His hammer), Megingjörð (his belt) and his Járngreipr (Iron gloves) which listed are magic.

Thor and his wife Sif live in Asgard together in a house called Thrudheim which means Place of Might which has 540 rooms and is the biggest recorded house in Norse mythology.

I hope you enjoyed my blog about Thor in Norse mythology. I do not know what my next blog will be about. Norse mythology is from Northern Germany and influenced by Christians, Pagans and Scandinavian culture.

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  1. I didn’t know Norse meant Northern Germany with Scandinavian influences. I think it’s really cool to see the progression of mythology into modern day religion and how paganism ties it all together.

    Thor sounds like a bit of a grouch.

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