Thor: Ragnarok (Spoilers)

Thor: Ragnarok was a movie I saw yesterday and today I’m going to write about it. The Rotten Tomato score is 92 and 88 percent of people liked it. I love the move so I was one of the Millions of people to love that movie. The story was excellent and I love hulks part of the movie. His actor played him really well and I hope we see another hulk movie very soon. The cameo from Stan] Lee was pretty funny and unexpected.

The movie was about Thor, Hala (who is Thor’s sister), and Loki (Thor’s brother). The story started when Thor was fighting a character who was going to take over Asgard, put his crown in the external fire, and Cause Ragnarok which is an event where Asgard because fiery and looks like lava was poured of it. Then, it he would destroy Asgard. After Thor defeats him. His brother Pretends to be Odin. After Thor discovers Loki hiding as Odin, Loki and Thor go to New York to find Odin. With help of Doctor strange, They successfully find Odin where he disappears into the world and dies ( Much like Ogway in Kung fu panda ).

The way that Hala escapes was when Odin dies, all the power stopping her from leaving her prison stops and let’s her escape and takes control of Asgard and resurrects her army from death and tries to find a magical sword to let them conquer more realms. She is so powerful that she can break Thor’s hammer and defeat many people all at once and the only person she didn’t defeat was the guy that tried to take over Asgard because he had to touch the external Fire that can resurrect people. The way they got him there when he was dead to touch the fire was resurrect him which made him super powerful and able to defeat her which costed them Asgard so they had to live in New York and adapt to the technology they use.

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