Thrift stores and some useful stuff to get.

Thrift stores are stores that sells second handed items and non second handed stuff for a cheaper price. They also sell soda and candy which is so expensive. We went to one yesterday and there were three things that stood out, A Nerf gun, Football gear, and board games.

I think they are pretty good for donating items and getting items. My family lives near a Thrift shop. A popular one called Goodwill which will hopefully have something good there today because we are going. Hopefully we can go to two thrift stores instead if one.

I am going to look for stuff like board games and Harry potter type stuff. I want football Helmet to decorate and wear but I will probably not get it though. I might ask to get a drink at Dunkin Donuts or King Soopers. If I find a Harry potter audiobook disc for the car I will get it no matter what because I will love to have a collection of them and listen to them on long Drives and It will be helpful for our family because Julie, Rachel and I love Harry Potter but it is hard to listen to in the car because we need a aux cable and we usually don’t have bring one so I turn it on in the car is hard to hear

I hope you guys and girls enjoy this blog and I will write on soon for all the people who love my blogs.

P.s. We are saving up for a trip to Europe.


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