Tom Brady.

Hello, today I am writing a blog about Tom Brady because the Superbowl is soon and The Patriots are playing in it.

Tom Brady is a Quarterback on the New England Patriots in the National Football League.  Tom Brady’s full name is: Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr, and he was born: August 3, 1977. Tom Brady is one of two players to win Five Superbowls (The other is Charles Haley), and the only to win them all for playing one team. Tom Brady is also 6″4 (So my Dad is taller, because my Dad is 6″6).

The First Superbowl I saw with Tom Brady was Superbowl XLVI/46 (Which was also the First Superbowl I ever saw), which was when it was Patriots vs Giants. Patriots lost, however, because the Giants had 21 and the Patriots had 17.

Tom Brady will be in Superbowl LII making it his 8th Superbowl appearance. He has played in 12 AFC Championship games and has won 8. The first time he ever won a AFC Championship he did what his coach said NOT to do. When he was 24 he won his first Superbowl making him the youngest Quarterback to win a Superbowl.

Fun Fact: Football dates back to Ancient Rome. The First game of Football was played between Princeton and the Rutgers in 1869. The NFL was Established in 1920, called the American Professional Football Association. In the 60s the AFL (American Football League) became popular and got the Contract on the ABC Network. During each game on the field each team is allowed 12 Players.

This is the end of the Blog hope you enjoyed. BYE


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  1. Wow! I learned even more about my favorite player by reading your blog! You are such a wonderful writer! I enjoy reading them all, especially when you mention my name 🙂 Keep up the great work! I miss you all!

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