Tuesday (Part 2)

Hello, today I will write Part 2 of Yesterday (it isn’t Yesterday so it is called Tuesday) So I left off at Third Period and were skipping Lunch and Recess so we are at Fourth Period. Fourth Period wasn’t exciting but I have already skipped two thing so I’ll tell you about it. So fourth period was Normal (do a perplexor and play board games). After that was Robotics at Robotics Gabriel and I (Gabe is My friend) made our Robot drag cars (Hotwheels) to a certain area by giving it a Crate Thingy. After School London, Everett, Thatcher, Julie, Langston, Ana (Everett, Thatcher and Langstons Mom) and I, all went to a place called “Ben and Jerry’s” for a thing called International Cone Day and we all got Ice Cream I got Mango Mango but I don’t remember anyone else’s Ice Cream flavor. Then we all went to a place called Jumpoline and was a Trampoline area and London, Thatcher, Everett and I all went to the Dodgeball area but there were kids in there doing dodge ball but they let us play along story short they all didn’t follow rules unless they had to do with the enemy team getting out and them never going out. This is the end of Meh blog so if you enjoyed it tell me because I eat feedback (?) and I need it to Improve so P R O V I D E I T   P L E A S E (I’m hungry for feedback)

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  1. Robotics sounds like a lot of fun! What did you think of Mango Mango? Would you order it again or try a different flavor? We went to a frozen yogurt place a couple nights ago and they had a sorbet flavor called Hawaiian Delight that was yummy! I mixed it with Orange Dream, which tasted like an orange creamsicle. Did you do any cool trampoline tricks? Those places are fun but We’ve had the same problem in Dodgeball and that sometimes makes it not so fun. Overall it sounds like a great day!

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