Twenty One Pilots

Today my blog will be about Twenty One Pilots, I hope you enjoy it.

Twenty one pilots is a band that started in 2009, the people in the band originally were high school friends,  Tyler Joseph, Nick Thomas and Chris Salih. Nick Thomas and Chris Salih left the band in 2011 because they didn’t have enough time to be in the band, then Josh Dun joined the band later that year as a drummer, replacing them. Also there band name comes from a play called All my sons, where 21 Pilots die because of faulty parts.

The band became popular with their 4th album, Blurryface in may 2015. ‘They’re the first alternative group to have two top ten singles run concurrently in the US in 2015, ‘stressed out’ and ‘ride’ from the album Blurryface from the same year’ – Direct quote from here Which seems important but I do not understand it at all.

I hope you enjoyed my blog about Twenty One Pilots. My next blog will be about something in Norse mythology, probably a place.

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  1. Sorry I have not heard of them What songs did they write? What is an alternative band? I really dont know, perhaps you can explain. Love you Granny XX

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