Types of camera angles and framing.

This blog is about framing and angles.


     Close Up Shot

When is a close up shot it only shows the head of the person. This is best used when you want to show detail in a face. When someone has never been really noticed , when a large detail of a character changes,or in a dramatic scene to show emotion.

Long shots

Long Shots are used for introducing a place or person who is new or has changed alot not just one detail. The reason is because it shows head to toe of person or everything in the place. It can also work if its a place/person who changed someone.

Image result for MEDIUM SHOTS twdMedium Shot

Medium Shots are the most common, used for dialogue walking talking, almost anything. If you look for it in movies it is going to be 75% a good movie!


Low Angles

Low angles is where the camera is down below and the character is up above the emotions that this makes the watcher feel Fearful , powerless and small.

Eye LevelImage result for eye level shot twd

Eye Level fits very well with Medium Shot because they are the most common both and both are conversational and friendly. The emotions are friendly, conversational and equal.

High Angle

High angle is when the charterer is below and the camera is above at a angle.  The watchers emotions are powerful, dominate, strong, and big.




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