Hello, today I’m writing a blog on Undertale which is a RPG game that came out in 2015 which looks like an old Zelda Game which is really C O O L. I don’t have the game but I might get it soon because it is very cool and I want to get it very much because I’ve seen videos of it and I want to play it myself because it looks like Zelda and I like that touch to the game because of the new games being very detailed so a old timey game is really cool and it looks vintage which is awesome. The game is really cool because the lore is nice and the gameplay is polished (it looks like it atleast). So the next thing i’m going to talk about is the fun meter, So the fun meter determines what happens in this game, will Sans prank call you (Sans is a character in the game), will Dr. Alphys call for pizza, Will you see W.D. Gaster followers, will you see Goner Kid, Will you see W.D. Gaster himself? I suggest you checkout this game (NOT THE CRINGEY FANART) I might get this game soon to try it out because I think I should try the game out to get a good feel for the game and once I finish it im going to hack the game to get every thing to happen and to find a bunch of the secrets that are hard to get to also but first I’ll play through the game normally then i’ll hack into it for secrets that you dont usually see. This is the end of my blog if you want to read more blogs go to the previous blogs like Yesterday blogs or even more previous blogs like the first blog on this page.

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