Unschooled vs Schooled

Hello, today I am making a blog about being Unschooled vs being Schooled. 1:

The curriculum: Unschooled: The curriculum is rather great being Unschooled because you get to talk/write about whatever and there are not strict teachers being mean telling you what to do. Schooled: The curriculum is rather bad because you are forced to do things, forced to write/talk about something you could possibly hate. 2. The Teachers/Parents/Guardians: Unschooled: being Unschooled in this situation is great because you’ve known them for a while (probably your whole life) and you can go to the bathroom whenever. Schooled: Schooled in this situation is sorta bad because they’re usually rude and you cant go to the bathroom whenever and the punishments can be harsh and they always put your good work on the hallway wall (I don’t know about you but its very frustrating especially when your not confident) 3: The field trips: Unschooled: The field trips being unschooled are great because they’re always fun! Schooled: The field trips being schooled are somewhat bad because there is no voting on where you go and its usually a zoo (zoos always stink of poo) and if you still go to field trips and your Schooled, NEVER FORGET YOUR LUNCH EVER!

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