Today I will be blogging about Uranus, I hope you enjoy my blog.

  1. Uranus has 13 rings. and 27 moons, the biggest moons name is Titania and size is 490 miles or 788.579 Kilometers. Its smallest moon is named Cupid and it size is 11 miles large/18 Kilometers.
  2. Uranus is the Greek god of the sky, also the father of Saturn and the grandfather of Jupiter.
  3. It is tied with Neptune to be the coldest planet in the solar stem. Sometimes they are called the ice giants, due to the ammonia and methane ice crystals. But if you count dwarf planets it is Pluto. Uranus temperature is -216  Celsius or -356.8 Fahrenheit.
  4. It is tilted at a 98 degree, due to either something bigger than earth hitting it or small things hitting it alot. This also affects its orbit which is 84 years, and makes it a slight oval. Also its rotation is retrograde (The opposite of the other planets) it takes 17 hours and 14 minutes.
  5.  One of the reasons we cant see its rings is due to there darkness.
  6.  Uranus only sees 42 years of direct sunlight, that also is its summer.
  7. It also has a winter, which is also 42 years to. It doe not have a spring or a Autumn.

 Image of Uranus from The Washington Post              I hope you all enjoyed my blog, my next blog will be about Neptune.

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