Venus is second closest planet next to the sun, here are some facts about Venus.

A Retrograde Orbit .Red is Venus and blue is the sun.

  1. Venus has a retrograde orbit which means it rotates the opposite way it orbits its star.
  2. Venus is named after the goddess of love and beauty most likely because it seemed like it earth’s sister from afar.
  3. Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system  because the clouds are so dense even though nearly no heat can come in none can come out, so the greenhouse effect made it the hottest planet.
  4. Venus’s clouds are made of sulfur dioxide and sulfuric acid.
  5. Venus may have had life billions of years ago, awhile ago we thought it could be a tropical paradise,  there is proof it had oceans billions of years go but it evaporated due to heat.
  6. Venus is also known as the morning star and evening star and is the second brightest thing in the night sky because its clouds reflect 75% of light.
  7. One day on venus is longer than a year on Venus. A year on Venus is 243 earth days and a day is 255 earth days.

That is my blog about Venus.

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