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Payday 2 is a game about being a robber and stealing money. I have played this game for over 200 hours!!. This game isn’t even at the top of my most played. Garrys mod is my most played game at over 600 hours. and 2nd is Team Fortress 2 with a few more hours. I might have a problem because I have played over 2000 hours which is close too 100 days.

I like the game because I would play Payday: The heist and no one would be on except a few people. I would play for a little until I realized on YouTube that there was another one. I told my dad about it and he said he plays it. I was so happy about it. I also went online and my dad recommended cheapshark for me. I use it to find a good deal and found one for $5 and a dlc with it. The normal cost is $20 without a dlc.

I got the game and the next day, I played some with my dad. My dad is very much into the game and he watches videos about it all the time. My dad was always a higher level then me but it doesn’t matter. he had a good friend on Payday 2 who was so nice and he told us what music went good with what level. I went online too see if he is none but ended up on a page where people were saying nice things about him so I said something too.

This game have cops that are pretty cool. I am going to name a few normal ones and then the special ones. The most common ones are Blue swat. There are more but these are the most common That I see. At the beginning it is police but by the end it is probably Maximum force responder. The specials are Tasers, Cloakers, Shields, and dozers. Their are 4 types of dozers, Green, Normal, Skull, and Zeal. Zeal is used when all else fails. Cloakers can also be Zeals. If you want more about the police, Click here. You can also use that link for more stuff like the heisters.

Now I will talk about the most know heisters and Bain. So the most common are Dallas, Wolf, Chains, and Hoxton. They are from the first game and are in the second. I like Dallas most because of his cool mask. He  Wolf is the technician of the group and Chains is the enforcer. I dont know what Hoxton is but he is still cool. Hoxton also finally got caught but then was broken by them. If you are wondering about Bain then don’t. Nothing is really known about him except that he is the creator of Crime.net. He might get his identity revealed after the final dlc. There are more but this is the most known one. P.s. The person who set up the breakout for Hoxton was called The Dentist


I give all the credit to Overkill software because they made the game and a FBI files for it which the link above leads too

I hope you guys and girls enjoy this blog and I will write one soon about something completely different.

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