Ways the zombie apocalypse could happen (Im really low on ideas)

I really hope I get better ideas for blogs soon. But if you are taking me seriously you should realize I have nearly zero clues on what I am talking about and do not think the zombie apocalypse could happen. Enjoy.

Brain parasites are a possibility, they change how animals work just to live, an example of one that effects humans is toxoplasomosis, it basically makes humans love cats more. Say a brain parasite could only breed though humans only it could make them cannibalistic, and control then to the point they are brain dead. Also if scientist tried to manipulate a brain parasite and somehow messed up that could jump start it.

Neurotoxins are another possibility, some poisons can basically make you dead by slowing your bodily functions down to nearly or all the way to a stop, poison from a Japanese Blow fish can do this. If you are poisoned by this there is a chemical/ drug that is alkaloids that bring them partially back, just enough to survive but if this was messed up somewhere it could also make zombies.
I hope you enjoyed my blog, I have no clues on what my next one will be about. Maybe another mythical creature and how its possible for it to exist. Bye
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  1. I’m not im

    Please remember to categorize all of your blogs.

    Scientists not scientist

    I know it’s hard to come up with topics for blondes four days a week. It is more than I do myself between business and personal. I like the idea of a zombie apocalypse is long as I get to live through it and kill people we don’t like. LOL

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