We are going to do museum today.

Today we are going to the Denver museum of nature and science. We want to do the mummy and the fitness area. The one I want the most is fitness but the space area is also pretty cool. I am also wondering where we will eat. We are going with friends called Everett and Thatcher. We met them at options. he is my best friend and we trade cards. They have one brother. I cant wait to see them. I love the museum because of all the things to see and do. we are also going to bring are binder to trade Pokemon cards.

We are going at 9:00 AM but I hope we stay for a long time there and have a lot of fun. Julie will come and hopefully have a good time. I doing a blog about a hour before it. Me and Boston are . I great friends with them. When we were in P.E. me and Everett talked about going. I’m going to hopefully trade some cards today with them

I hope you guys and girls enjoy this blog and I will write one on Thursday and I will say what we did there.

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