What I want to do in England

Since I’m going to England with my mom and siblings in October I want to write about what I want to do there. Some of this is tiny, as an example, see if there is a difference between gas stations in England and America. I also want to see the London Dungeons. I hope you agree with me on some of this stuff and maybe you can give me some suggestions.

  1. Walk from where we are staying to a gas station. I want to do this because I think of England as a place with lots of shops that aren’t a chain and are nearby.  I want to walk and take in some of the scenery like cars or bridges. when I go to a gas station I can see some food different from America. I heard there sodas are amazing and tasty.
  2. Platform 9 and three quarters. I want to go to King Cross Station and see this monument because I like Harry Potter. This was the first thing I thought of when Mom said we were going to England. I want to pose like I’m holding the handles on the cart and maybe go on a train ride somewhere.
  3. I want to go on a Double Decker bus with two stories because I associate them and transportation. I would obviously sit on the top of the bus and nearby the front or window and I think I would enjoy it.
  4. Go to a gift shop. I would want to go somewhere where I could get a beanie or a picture of the time I had London because this will be one of my favorite memories of all times and I want like pictures and items from there I could treasure forever.

I hope you guys and girls enjoy this blog and have a nice Tuesday. P.s. I’m getting some new pillows because of Cartwheels which Is a Target app to help you save money.


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  1. Wow that was a good Blog today. There arent so many gas stations like we have in the US & they call gas PETROL.
    When you go to Portland there are 2 Petrol stations. Thats it. 2 big grocery shops but not as big as Walmart or Kings supermarket. They have 2 or 3 thrift stores called Charity shops we can walk to. A little shop where they sell candy that is called a sweet shop. In London they have lots of shops in Oxford Street & in Knightsbridge a huge shop called HARRODs. I think there are 12 restaurants in it.You could spend a whole day there & maybe get lost so be careful.London buses have 2 levels & are red .Some have no roofs. London taxis are Black. If you stay with Auntie Ali she lives near a Sainsburys which you can walk to that sells food & sweets & biscuits[cookies]. Its like Stop & Shop. It will be cold & rainy in London in November so take a warm jacket & gloves. See you soon. Granny XX

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