What I want to do in England

Warner Bros Studio Tour Of The making of Harry Potter

I really want to go to The Warner Bros Studio Tour Of The making of Harry Potter. Because the tour seems amazing, it seems really well done and factual about harry potter.

The Big Ben

I want to go to Westminster so I can see The Big Ben because it just seems so amazing. I also want to know how big it is.

Hampstead Heath

I want to go to Hampstead Heath because it sounds beautiful, it has scenic views in multiple way, grassy fields, wooded areas and bodies of water.

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  1. Thats great Julie I think there is a Harry Potter show but it could be you have to book way in advance. Look it up. Also Big Ben is being repaired & has thus been silenced last month. It is part of Parliament buildings. Look it up on Google. There are many parks to see in London. Buckingham Palace is where the Queen lives & they have tours I think. Windsor Castle also has tours too & beautiful parks.Stonehenge is another site you will like. Grandad wants to take you there it is out in the Country.
    We are renting a house in Portland where Grandad was born. It is an island on what they call the Jurrasic coast. November 5th is a big day in England. Many years ago Guy Fawkes tried to blow up Parliament & it is celebrated with fireworks. Looking forward to seeing you. Loved your Blog.

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