What I want to do on my birthday

Hello, today I am gonna write about what I want to do on my Birthday.

First: I want to open up presents, because I am impatient and have been waiting for a while so I want to open presents first.

Second: I want to eat cake for Breakfast, because it is my birthday and cake tastes really good.

Third: I want to go to Dunkin Donuts and get a Coolata, because they taste good and I RARELY get them.

(This one depends on if I get tickets to the Lego Ninjago Movie but I want to use them and go to Harkins, because they are on my birthday list and the last two Lego Movies were really good.)

Fourth: I want to spend time with my family for a bit, because they’re my family and they love me.

Fifth: I want to use my gifts that I get, because who doesn’t use the presents they get the day they get them.

Sixth: I want to have Pasta for lunch, because Pasta is probably my favorite food so it makes sense to have it for Lunch on my special day.

Seventh: I want to use my gifts even more, because I want to use them more.

Eigth: I want to have Chicken Nuggets for Dinner, because I really like chicken nuggets and it makes sense like Lunch does.

Ninth: I want to have even more cake for dessert, because I like cake a lot

This is the end of my blog hope you enjoyed. B Y E R E A D E R S.

P.S: this is the last blog I am doing until my birthday.


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