What I would do if I was on an deserted island. How would I get food.

Today my blog will be about what I would do if I was on a deserted island and how I would get food. Because my Mom wanted me to blog about it.

If I was on a deserted island I would try to get coconuts and try to get a shelter. I don’t think I would last long, most likely the island has a lot of poisonous snakes that I couldn’t see al that week, the temperature could be anything too. If I need to make weapons I can make them out of sticks small vines and rock. For shelter I could use large leaves large vines rocks and soft dirt.

And if I survived a week, I wouldn’t be able to get back or survivable shelter. I don’t know how long I would survive, probably a week at most. I’m do not know how to make fire well or how to keep cool well enough to not have problems.

I hope you enjoyed my blog and understood it. I know my next blog will be about the caregiver archetype.

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