What i’m doing on Friday and Saturday

Hello guys and girls I hope you like this blog and I will write one tommorow. I am hoping for our jump rope for heart account to hit its goal. Here is a link.

On Friday, We are going to our dads house at 6pm and leaving 11am. I am hoping we can play some video games. I am bringing our new video game, Destiny. We are going to play some more Overwatch on a controller and have some cool stuff to do and maybe play Watchdogs.

On Saturday, I am going to a scout sleepover. I don’t want to go because everyone will be loud when I am trying to sleep. So if they are I am bringing my Ipad with a note to say I am allowed to listen to a audio book. I am going to listen to Harry Potter. It is a good audio books. Luckily I am not wearing my uniform and relax. I am going to be cold. It will be hard but luckily it wont be long and I might get lucky on a toolbox. I am going to right a blog about it on Monday. I dont know what I will do tommorow. Write in the comments about what I should write.




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