What It’s like to be vegan

certified-veganI am trying to become vegan and it is hard. I like having soybean chocolate milk. My mom found a cool vegan bakery and a restaurant called Watercourse. The hardest is to stop eating goldfish. it is so hard to also find vegan foods to eat. it also very hard to find friends who aren’t judgy about us being vegan. It is fun though because we meet new people and there is a group called DXE Denver. They have a 40 year plan which should work to liberate all animals from suffering, forceful breeding and murder because, scientifically it is true to say that we don’t need to eat meat and the production of meat is cruel and is ruining the planet.

We went to one of their member’s homes and met two chickens that were rescue chickens. One of them was a rooster and had a neurological condition that made him not able to hold his head up. This member organizes a produce sort at her house twice a week and then takes the donated produce which has been sorted to a few animal sanctuaries.

There are lots of vegan YouTubers which seem to have a lot of drama. I don’t know why there is alot of  drama at that section of YouTube. I think it is a little weird why one YouTube says she is a vegan but then she post a video why she is not a vegan. Her name is Sorsha and she also lives here in Denver.  She is a vegan but sometimes they make misleading YouTube video titles to get more views. Its called clickbait.

I have recently found out that there are stereotypes about vegans and that we are judgy.  I don’t think I am. My favorite show, Modern Family, made a joke about judgy vegans in a yoga class which bugged me a little. The reason I am becoming vegan is because animals are being killed and pigs, cows and chickens are getting hormones and then are dying. Boy chicks get ground up or left in the trash to die at 1 day old because they can’t be used for food.  I think it is horrible but at least the group has a 40 year plan to not kill animals.

dxeHope you guys and girls like this blog about me becoming vegan and I will be writing a new blog soon about something else. Write comments on what I should do a blog about next. Thank you guys and girls for reading my blog.


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  1. Awesome! Being vegan can be challenging, but you are saving lives and the planet which is amazing. I’m glad you like chocolate soy milk. Does your family make it themselves? I recently became vegan in June 2016, and now I make almost everything from scratch, including cashew milk or almond milk. (Next, soy-milk!) It is so good, cheap, and pretty easy to make (can be a bit messy!).

    I think it’s really cool that you are so young, yet so aware of the animal industry. Thank you for standing up for the animals. Be well.

    (A friend of your mom’s)

  2. London this is really amazing writing from a young man who turned 10 just a few days ago. Well done for keeping true to a Vegan way of life. You have lots to teach Granny & I cant wait to see you & sit & chat.
    I am waiting to get a shopping list from you Boston & Julie so I can buy food that you like & is Vegan.
    Maybe you should prepare to become President because you are so confident & calm & the USA needs leaders like you. Have a wonderful day. Granny XX

  3. It is very encouraging knowing someone at your age understanding love and compassion! Maybe you and your mom can try making homemade gold fish, with plant based ingredients! I can’t wait to hear more about your journey, thank you for being so kind to animals!

  4. What a great article! Congrats on living true to your feelings. Thanks for being part of inspiring a new generation of compassionate changes.
    It is hard to be vegan sometimes but nowhere near as hard than what the animals are living through every day. Hang on to that perspective when u feel challenged.
    I have been vegan for 31 years and in 1985 it was so much harder so be thankful for all the choices and support that are available now and be there for those to come.
    Thanks for all you do!

  5. Congratulations on making the connection on veganism and I hope you can inspire many others to do so! It’s true there is a stereotype of “judgy vegans” as you say, which is the reason we should break the stereotype! I hope your vegan adventure will be a long, wonderful and fruitful one!

    Ash, Malaysia (Borneo)

  6. Terrific writing London! It’s hard to be different but that’s what makes you special. Writing about the things you believe in will help change the world someday. Keep it up!

  7. You are a brave and incredible person! You are never alone, you are a member of the vegan family! Congratulations on this incredible move, you are extremely intelligent for your age and I’m sure it’ll get you far!

  8. Good afternoon London.

    My name is Alec and I live in Toronto Ontario.

    Word of your blog is spreading far and wide.

    I know that is can be difficult being vegan. But it does become easier especially when you have strong support around you.

    The challenges you face now will help you become a stronger and more self aware individual. You are already an inspiration to others whom you have never met. Don’t let others tell you that one person can’t make a difference. Everyone’s actions have an effect, and yours are positive.

    Keep up the good work and don’t be afraid to encourage others to do so.

    All the best from Canada.


  9. Greetings from Texas! I like your blog post about going vegan. It is certainly a noble thing to do! I know that being a vegan can be hard sometimes because of the delicious Goldfish and because of mean or rude people, but we just have to stay positive and keep changing the world for the better!

    It’s funny that you mention the drama on YouTube. My boyfriend watches many of the vegan YouTubers, and you are so right! They do seem to have a lot of silly drama – but don’t let that discourage you. I think all kinds of people on YouTube enjoy the drama… and you’re right. Much of the drama is clickbait so they can get more money! 🙂

    It’s really cool that your mom found a vegan restaurant where you live. If you all ever visit Texas, be sure to check out the city Austin. There are A LOT of vegan restaurants and food trucks there, including an all-vegan ice cream shop!

  10. It can be hard at first, but awesome for having realised this so early in life! Well done and stick to it, it gets easier and you can know you are doing the right thing.

  11. Great read, London. It sounds like you’ve got a beautiful soul and a smart head!
    You are part of an amazing shift that’s happening. If you ever feel frustrated – remember the animals, and remember that YOU are saving them, and standing up for them. When someone chooses to make fun of vegans they are basically making fun of us for not participating in slaughter and violence. So even though it will be hard sometimes, just remember why you’ve chosen this compassionate choice.
    Vegans create a domino effect. The more we learn and talk about it, the more lives we’ll save. More and more people are choosing to be vegan every day. People like you are helping that to happen.
    Best regards,

  12. Congratulations on your new journey. Being vegan can be hard, but it gets easier with practice. Practice trying new foods, practice vegan responses, and practice kindness. I think you are pretty amazing.

  13. Nice to see more people are coming around. Congratulations and dont give up. I prefer to think that being vegan (in terms of finding meat, egg and dairy free products) is not hard, its just a little bit more challenging. Its like leveling up in life 😀

  14. Keep going and encourage others. You have become the change we want to see in this world and your action will liberate more animals. Thank you

  15. Hi London!

    This is moving to see such a young vegan to be an inspiration and someone to look up to for our nations youth. I applaud you for not only making such a mature compassionate decision on becoming vegan but for writing this blog and putting yourself out there at such a young age.

    Your made for greatness! Please do not get discouraged by the people around you who are not vegan. Such change like this unfortunately, does not happen over night but it is happening (YAY VEGAN ACTIVIST, ETC) It’ll get easier as you get older and identify the type of people and personalities to just say away from and not engage with on converting to veganism. Keep up the great work, be the change you want to see in this world. And always remember that no matter what gets said to you about being a vegan, you are making a difference in this world unlike most! I applaud your parents for supporting you in this journey ! Maybe you can become an outlet for other young vegans out there who struggle with adversity.

  16. You are so lucky to have a family that you are doing this with and a family that supports you! I bet that makes going vegan easier. You are doing the right thing so don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. Stay strong and stay brave!

  17. Congratulations and welcome to reality! Being a vegan in this cruel world takes a lot of effort and responsibility. It is incredibly awesome that you’ve become a conscious being at such young age! It took me about 25 years to realize that. I wish I had a mom like yours!
    Keep spreading the word. Injustice cannot live forever!

  18. Great blog post! I’m sorry your friends are making it a little harder for you, but hopefully as time goes by, what you’re doing will start to sink in for them and they’ll learn from you – in fact, I bet they already are, even if they’re not showing it! I think it’s wonderful that you can see the judgy side of veganism and know that you want to take a nicer, more compassionate route. We need more kindness and compassion in the world. Bravo!

  19. London, I love how you have taken a stand. You are following your beliefs. I’m proud you practice what you believe in. That’s very powerful and a great guide for your future.

    Love, Dad.

  20. Your story is inspiring! I’m a new vegan too and I feel bad for eating meat for 25 years! You’re so lucky to be introduced to this healthy and cruelty-free way of life at such a young age 🙂 I’m grateful you mentioned the 40 year plan! I will have to look into that and help you promote the good news – you rock!

  21. Hi London,
    How sensitive and smart you are to become a vegan at such a young age and to stand up to peer pressure. I just became a vegan this year, and I am in my 50’s. I am embarrassed that it took me so long. I love animals, and I just kept myself in the dark about the horrors of factory farming until this year. I finally decided to read up on it by visiting Farm Sanctuary’s website. Now my husband, son, and mother-in-law are all vegan. Being exposed to all the vegan posts on Facebook, like yours, helped me commit myself to being a vegan. I am so disgusted and saddened by the suffering of the animals on factory farms. It makes me tear up when I think about it and see some of the videos. I currently volunteer at an animal shelter, but I want to get involved in animal rights protests. I hope we will both have the courage to stay vegans and remember the suffering animals when we are tempted to eat food made with dairy products. A plant-based diet is truly delicious, and I’m so glad I see the light now. I just hope we will see the rest of the world change too. My hope is that social media will make the difference!

  22. London, sometimes this responsibility can seem like a burden, but humans like you represent the future of our world. Knowing this makes me hopeful, and fills me with confidence at the certainty that we can change the world. You’re already doing it.

  23. I am so impressed by your courage. For me personally it got easier to be vegan as time went on. Now it’s no big deal and I don’t even really think about it all that much. I encourage you to keep following your heart and doing what you know is right. Thanks for being a voice for the voiceless!

  24. Hi London, this is a wonderful blog post and I want to express a great big Thank YOU from the animals and myself. If you are ever in a situation where friends are being cruel, please use I messages about how their actions make you feel. Hopefully your friends will see how you now live your life and you can inspire change. It never hurts to bring in extra cookies or other vegan food to share with friends. Good luck to you and your family on this next chapter of your lives.

  25. Very well written! Good job! It is amazing that you are making the change at such a young age! You will inspire many to go vegans over the years, I am sure! You should be proud to stand up for what you believe in! You make us vegans very proud! xxx

  26. Being vegan in this world can be a little tricky sometimes, but it is well worth the benifit of saving those animals. Keep it up!

  27. Congratulations! So wonderful to see smart and compassionate young people with the wisdom and strength to become vegan. ❤️

    You mentioned that you miss gold fish crackers. Have you tried the Earth Balance cheese crackers yet? They are a bit like mild vegan cheese-its! You may like them.

  28. Hello!

    The world has never ever been changed by people who always did what everyone did, but by people who went different ways.

    So you can be proud to belong to the still small group of people who are different from the masses of people who do neither care nor think about what they are doing and consuming on a daily basis and how much suffering and injustice they are causing.

    Veganism is the only right, honest, fair, sustainable and humane way of living – no doubt about it: so – on the long run – vegans will change the world into a better one. Vegans rock – and so do you…!

    Keep on going your (right) way though the very most other people choose to go the other (wrong) way; be a ‘rainbow warrior’!

    Future will have to be vegan – if not, future generations will starve and ‘mother earth’ will become a desert planet…

    All the best wishes from Germany Paul Peter (Vegan 4 life)

  29. “There are lots of vegan YouTubers which seem to have a lot of drama.” – Hahaha!

    This is very good writing, especially from a ten year old. It’s awesome that you’ve made the connection so early. Don’t ever stop fighting for what you believe in. It doesn’t matter what anybody says to you. Maintain your conviction.

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