what we are doing on St. Patrick’s day

I know St. Patricks is a religion but I love this day just because my favorite youtube is Irish and I love the color scheme of it so that is why I am going to be doing a blog about what we will be doing and I what I want to do.


First, since we have some vegan popcorn with vegan butter I might use green dye to dye the butter and make it have the color scheme of St. Patricks day.Also, I might also ask to go to Target and get a hat for the occasion.Next, I am also going to drink Mountain Dew with the popcorn for more green and because my gaming name is Mountaindewdz.

Why I like St. Patricks day

I like the holiday because I always wanted to move to Ireland and when I was in 1st grade I found a four-leaf clover and I had it in a bag until it got crushed and I was so sad about it so the next day I was in a field looking for them but I didn’t find a single one after that. So I always wanted to jump on this day and celebrate it

I hope you girls and guys enjoy this blog and I will write one soon.

Love, London

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