What we did at the museum.

When we got there we went to the entrance and saw them. They ran over and said that they used there membership to get us in for free. We first what the the space area. We learned about mars and the other planets. The best part was the light camera which would make cold black and hot white. It was pretty funny when I put the thing that made stuff cold on my forehead.

So then we left and went to expedition health to do the cool stuff. The only thing we couldn’t do was arm span because the machine was in repair. We did the bike and the muscle challenge. The coolest thing was the brain game where you but on some bands around your head that would see if your brain is relaxed or active. You wanted your brain to relax to win. I only one once but I was okay.

Then we left to do the science stuff. We put on the stuff we had to where and picked the cereal sugar comparison. Our prediction was correct. We were very happy.

We all decided to go to the park. We all ran over there and after a little we got on the swings. We played a dangerous game which the runner would go through the swings while we tried to kick him. Then we walked back to our cars, Said bye and left

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