What we did in Salida, Colarado

So when I woke up at around 6:30 am and went downstairs with my Mom and I ate breakfast. I loved the food and mom brought her own so I thinks she likes it too. Everyone else came downstairs and ate then we checked out but left a lot of stuff their because they would move it too our new room. We drove to Chinaman Gulch and We had friends their too so we went their so we can 4 Wheeling which was fun and we had I had to do 7000 steps on my fit bit so we can get $5. I though it was pretty easy to do So I watched more modern family while charging my Ipad. it was nearly dead but I still had some fun. I didn’t sleep through the trip up the mountains. we were 8800 feet in the air which I thought was pretty cool. Their was snow.We kept driving until we hit Carnage. We walked over to a part of it which looked hard but cool to climb. It had alot of which spots. We drove 20 minutes more then stop. It was time for lunch. We ate Chips and Salsa and I thought it would be funny to climb the hill and eat there but Boston had the salsa and he couldn’t climb it so I slid down and left a mark their which was funny.

I ate my food with Boston and hit 7000 so I stayed in the car  and It was so quiet in their because I was alone but If I picked Mom’s car it would be noisy so I picked well. Todd and I were the first to finish so We went over to the beginning of carnage and I was a harder then I thought. I feel asleep after we Todd and his stopped shooting guns and Were off away from the beginning of the trail. I woke up in front of a liquor store but Todd came back out and we went to another one. We finally went to a convenient store and got some some drinks and went back to the hotel.

We had a suite which was nice and better looking then the picture on the website. The difference is an extra bed and we got another bed so everyone except mom and Todd had their own bed. I got the one closest to the TV which was also a couch. I had Chicken nuggets and popcorn for dinner. We fell asleep to a movie like the last night.

I hope you guys and girls enjoy this blog and I will write the last part tommorow. P.s. I am also going to watch a movie on Monday so Their might be 2 tommorow or 3 today.

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