What we did today.

Hello, today I am going to write a blog about what we did today because it was awesome and way cooler than most days.

The Morning was standard do work, eat breakfast, etc.

After the standard part of the Morning My Mom and I went to get me a haircut at cost cutters and it was really nice, we were there for a while and it was worth the hair cut.

After the hair cut at cost cutters we went to Walmart to get stuff for my Secret Santa which was fun to see how well I know them and browse some cool stuff I wouldn’t normally get for myself or them.

After we went to Walmart we went to Taco Bell because they have the best Bean Burritos EVER (and I was hoping to get a Freeze/Slushie)

At Taco Bell I got the usual Bean Burritos and a Drink (Pink Lemonade) (because Freezes are expensive) and while we were eating me a Employee asked me which Flavor I wanted so I said “Blue Raspberry” (Because its the best) and when he came back he had a Freeze/Slushie and it was FREE and I WAS SO HAPPY! it was so awesome.

After we got home I did some more work and watched some shows and some other stuff and now I am writing this blog so that’s cool I guess.

This is the end of this blog I hope you enjoyed because I really enjoyed writing this blog. BYE READERS!

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