Hi, Today Is about when, for characters. Im not really gonna edit it but I hope you enjoy your weekend.

When? When did something change because it shows their reactions and if they are bad or not, I am not editing this because I can perfectly understand it. It shows how long it takes them to either change something or start reacting right when it happens.

When did they go crazy? When did they kill a dog or human. When did they become friends. When did they decide they hated some guy. When did they get arrested ? When did they decide in there lives that they needed something to numb them. When did they decide to run away. When did they dye their hair. When was there rebellious phase? This question is for the past and present, it shows how they are recovering from there past, say if there mom died a week ago would be alot worse when it’s fresh especially as a kid, then when the parent died 13 years ago. Also when changes change personality.

I hope my blog made sense but if it did not, Im not gonna edit it because its at the point it makes sense and I don’t hate it if that makes any sense. Bye

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