Where I wan’t to go this summer + Rides / Attractions I want to go on (Part 1)

Hello, today Im doing a blog on Disneyland + Rides / Attractions I want to go on, I got this blog Idea from my school since we have 1 school day a week so I noticed how quick it was going so I started thinking about the summer which lead me to making this blog, here is the blog hope you like it.

  • Star tours; I want to go to this ride because I saw a video and It looks really cool so I really want to go to this ride (and after the rides over there is a gift shop called Star Trader where you can build your own lightsaber and your own droid and lastly it has stuff you would normally expect from a gift shop)
  • Astro Blaster: I want to go on this ride because as a very little kid I wen’t on the Disney world version and I loved it and I really like the rides that give you a gun thing and you can shoot targets for points and if you shoot the target it will interact with something
  • Space Mountain: I want to go on Space Mountain because I saw a video on it and it looks really cool + I’m a roller coaster kinda guy and this ride is also right next to Star Tours which is the ride I mentioned first and you should know that so I hope you did
  • Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage; I want to go on Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage because I also saw a video of this ride and you go into a submarine and It looks like it goes under water which isn’t something you see every day + plus this is also in Tomorrow Land (This is the final ride in Tomorrow land I promise)
  • “its a small world”; I want to go on this ride because I’ve heard its a classic ride which automatically makes me want to go on it because I’ve heard great things about it.

This is the end of my blog hope you liked it.

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