Where I would live

I would love to live in New England which is comprised of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. I would live in Massachusetts because Massachusetts is Cold sometimes and nice in the summers were I would live in Hull, MA. I lived there since I was a baby but now live in colorado.


It was nice where i lived and most of my family lived there now. Hull used to have a Amusement park but was closed in 1984. they kept the carousel and arcade. its a great place for a vacation there and we always had fun.


  1. The place was near the first ever dunkin donuts and now all of them show pictures of it.
  2. It had a famous park that closed in 1984.
  3. Has no Public schools in hull




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  1. Wow London that was a good report. Hull has three Public schools though Jacobs elementary & Middle School & a beautiful high School on the water at Hull Gut. Granny & Grandad love Hull & 2 of your Uncles love it too. My brother Desmond was born in Hull in England. I look forward to your visit to Hull MA soon.love Granny xx

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