Why do we have Christmas lights. And a little bit about Yule Logs.


Today my blog will be about where Christmas lights came from and what we used before them. I hope you enjoy.

First of all, Thomas Edison presented in 1880 the first Christmas light show, two years after that one of Thomas Edison’s friend, Edward Johnson put the first Christmas lights on a tree. The idea of Christmas lights came from the yule log which came in 1184 from when being warm back then was difficult in the winter especially December someone decided burning a certain type of wood,( I do not know which type because I do not know where they were) made them make the sun come up again, also the log helped with the temperature. After that people started putting candles on Christmas trees, but it was not verry sweet. It was only lit for a couple of minuets nearly at night and people who were holding buckets and sand around it just in case the house set fire. Christmas lights were also verry expensive in 1900s it a      Image of Christmas lights from Digital Trends string costed 12 bucks, 300  dollars now.  Also, in different places have different woods for the yule                                                                 log, in England its oak in Scotland its Birch and in France its a cherry log sprinkled with wine so it smells good.  I hope you enjoyed my blog about Christmas lights, also I am pretty sure this my last blog of the month due to Christmas break so merry Christmas


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