Why purple isnt a color on flags

The reason why purple isn’t on many flags is kind of cool. I hope you enjoy my blog and I will write tommorow. Have a nice day and I will write next week.

In 1853, Sir William Henry Perkin (A famous Chemist) discovered mauveine. Mauveine is a dye for the color purple. it is used for dye fabric purple. Sir William Henry Perkin one for medal in his life. They were  the Royal medal in 1879, the Davy medal in 1889, the Albert medal in 1890, and the Perkin medal in 1906. Sir William Henry Perkin died in 1907 at the age of 69

before 1853, a special snail called Bolinus Brandaris was used for the dye. it took over ten thousand snails to make about a pound of dye. It took 3 pounds of gold to get 1 pound of dye. The dye was made in Tyre, which is now Lebanon. The color purple back them was only wore by royalty. It was thought whoever wore purple were associated with gods or relatives of gods

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