Why we celebrate birthdays

Today my blog will be about why we celebrate birthdays and where it came from.

The reason birthdays are so important is for many reasons. The pagans thought that with big change meant a evil spirit was there, like on birthdays. The ancient Greeks thought that you have a spirit that watched over you since birth that also had a link with a god. At some point that turned into birthdays. Christians usually did not  celebrate for a while, because of the pagan links (How ironic).

The reason we blow out candles is because candles were meant to be a contact to the gods. The Germans in 1700’s were the ones to first put candles of cake (Tortes) and blow out candles for kinderfeste (Child’s party).

Where the happy birthday song came from is actually kinda cute, it came from teachers from kentucky in 1893 in 1 (I cant find a good link to the song) and it was changed to happy birthday. These are the original lyrics Good Morning To You, Good Morning To You,  Good Morning, dear children, Good Morning To All!

Image of cake from Wallpaper Cave                 I hope you enjoyed my blog, the next one might be about another holiday, I do not know yet though.

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